Eating healthy plant-based food is becoming increasingly popular, and Veganuary has arrived! (although we hope that the other months of the year don’t become re-branded in a similar way as it could get complicated!). One of the many great things about Bristol is how the city continues to modernise in line with the latest trends, including its growing range of vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

If you are looking to stay healthy in 2020, here are just a few places to consider in Bristol.

Please note that some of these restaurants offer plant-based food but what they serve might not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to the way the food is cooked. If you are vegetarian or vegan, check with the restaurant first.


Fancy some colourful, great looking and delicious food? The Koocha might be perfect for you. The Koocha restaurant offers Persian foods that are plant-based. They serve lunch and dinner including their delicious Persian Mezze which you can enjoy with their popular gin cocktail. Koocha is based in Zetland Road, Redland and as well as a full dining experience, they also do deliveries through third parties.

Find out more about Koocha and their colourful menu options here: 


The Coconut Tree

Explore and discover different flavours with Sri Lankan street food at the Coconut Tree. From candles in coconuts to fiery cocktails and a warm Sri Lankan hospitality, if you are looking for a great dining experience with an explosion of flavours and plenty of veggies then the Coconut Tree is worth a visit during your stay in Bristol.

With the British weather, there aren’t too many tropical trees in Bristol but there is only one Coconut Tree which you can check out here: 


Cafe Kino

Cafe Kino has a focus on doing the right thing. Not only do they offer vegan food, but they are also owned by the workers who run the cafe. Many of their ingredients aren’t just sourced locally, they are handmade in Bristol including cakes, burgers and falafel. This does mean that there might be a wait for some dishes which is perfect if you want to spend time relaxing and soaking up the Bristol surroundings and culture - which of course we recommend!

Cafe Kino also offers event hire. You can find out more about them here: 


The Pipal Tree Restaurant

The Pipal Tree offers traditional Punjabi food and although they offer meat they also have vegan dishes which include homemade pakoras, tharka beans and spicy potato wedges.

The Pipal Tree is located on the Chelsea road and with around 800 highly rated reviews giving it an average of 5 stars, this restaurant is worth checking out at 


Bill’s Restaurant and Bar

Bill’s Restaurant hasn’t forgotten about Veganuary. They have created a Veganuary menu which we hope they will continue to offer throughout the year. Even if they don’t, Bill’s still has a range of vegetarian dishes available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the restaurant is easy to find on Queen’s road. You can also download their app, the link to which can be found on their website: 

By listing these vegetarian restaurants in Bristol, we are not endorsing them - we're just trying to be helpful to our B&B guests and everyone who visits our wonderful city of Bristol.


Plenty of choices but only one place to stay at

This is just a small selection of restaurants that offer vegetarian food in the Bristol area. Other restaurants to consider include:

  • Fi Real
  • Flow
  • Vx Bristol
  • and The Spotless Leopard

If you would like to find out more about local restaurants and what they offer (or where they are located) then we are happy to advise on your next trip to Bristol.

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